Construction Recruitment

With 25 years of experience in construction recruitment, we have a major track record of helping companies find fast solutions to their staffing requirements.

The construction industry is often plagued by staffing issues such as sickness and holiday cover, as well as the ubiquitous Monday morning no-shows!

We are available 24 hours per day (07710 444389) and can often provide immediate cover throughout the UK.

Most of our clients use our services on an on-going basis. The flexibility of using an experienced agency means that you save significant costs and avoid erratic staffing levels.

Many of our temporary construction workers have been with us for over 10 years, which means that we can offer solid reliability and continuity of service.

We closely monitor those who work with us. We know their abilities, limitations and levels of experience, and only supply staff that are fully qualified and capable of the role.

One of our contractors was shortlisted for the REC temporary worker of the year award, positively supporting the quality of our workers.

Plant Operators,  Ground workers, Trades

Our years in the industry have enabled us to build relationships with contractors throughout the UK. We supply in all sectors of construction and industrial, including:


To find out how we will help you, call Dave or Duncan today on 02920 223302.

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We provide effective and reliable temporary and permanent recruitment solutions. Sectors we supply include:

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